14th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2019





6:15 to 8:15pm HSI School of Discipleship in Community Centre

Youth Group meet in the Hall after 5pm Mass

Young Adults (18 -29 years) meet in Theatrette from 6:00pm

Baptisms Baptisms held 1st & 3rd Sundays at 12 noon. Baptism Preparation Meeting held on the 1st Monday of the month at 7:00pm in Church.
1st Fridays 7:00pm to 10:00pm starting with Mass
Healing Mass 1st Saturday of the month, 1:30pm to 4:30pm.
3rd Sunday 5:00pm Youth Mass
Wednesdays 7:30pm Mother of Perpetual Succour Novena after 7:00pm Mass


We welcome into our Church community Sebastian Christos, Spencer Lord, Sytara Malhotra, Marguerite Ipsa, Nikita Kato, Myra John who are to be baptised this Sunday. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the love of Parents, Godparents, family and friends, we pray that these children will lead lives full of happiness, faith and love.

There will be an extra collection at all masses next weekend 13/14 July for the Propagation of Faith. We thank you for your generosity.

THE CARPENTERS SHOP INVITES male and female parishioners to join us on Saturday July 13th at 7:20am for a hearty breakfast. Members will share thoughts on their favourite saint. For catering purposes, please contact Les on 0401 541 666 or bevlesj@yahoo.com.au

Information Meeting  “HOW DO I FIND OUT ABOUT THE CATHOLIC JOURNEY RCIA (Adults) OR RCIC (Children Year 7 and above)"

If this question has nagged you or one of your friends, you are invited to come to an Information Meeting at 7:30pm on Tuesday 9th July in the Theatrette. There will be an opportunity for you or your friends to ask questions and find out a little more about the Catholic Christian journey. The atmosphere will be warm and friendly with no pressure. If you have any questions please call Francis Thomas (0401 787 372) or Rodney Dearing (0419 881 610). Hope to see you there.

New financial year Thanksgiving envelopes and letters for Direct Debit, Miscellaneous and Credit Card are available for collection from the hall. Please collect your letter or envelopes as soon as possible as they are to be used for the new financial year.

If you are able to assist with delivering envelopes or letters, please contact the Parish Office in the first instance. Thank you.

Are you celebrating your 25th, 40th, 50th, or 60th-70th wedding anniversary this year? The Life, Marriage & Family Office invite you and your families to join us at the Annual Anniversary Mass which will be celebrated at St Patrick's Cathedral on Sunday 28 July at 11:00am. Couples who register will receive commemorative certificates. To register call 9287 5587, visit www.cam.org.au/lifemarriagefamily or email lmf@cam.org.au. Registrations close Fri 12 July.

Through your attention to the little ones and to the poor, you can kindle stars in the night for those who suffer.

We pray for Ventious Fernando, Lorraine Biber, Fergus Hendricks, Mary Edirmannasinghe, Crecentia Fernando and all who have passed away recently.

We pray for Numeriano Medel, Jean & Joseph Turner, Daphne & Adolphus Turner, Frances Mizzi, John Eddison, Ernando Adriano, Theresa Paladino, Leno Farrugia, Dayanganie Fonseka, Crestita Leyco, Margaret Gauchi, Reynaldo Natividad, John Serrao, Pacita Cruz, Florence Ephraums, Aubrey de Hoedt, Carmen & Claude La Brooy, Winston Ephraums, Ralston Ephraums, Frank Johnson, Norah Pritchard and all whose anniversaries occur at this time.

We pray for Kevin McLoughlin, Leo Linehan, Gary Spotswood, Sean Donaldson, Liam Parr, Kath Meddings, Phylis Mills, Lucy Ballan, Irene Jones, Thais Long, Sr. Eileen Jones, Angela & Frank O’Brien, Barbara Brown, , Vincent Jones, Gordon Newman, Glenna Pereira, Edith Street, Zandi Falzon, Camille Miles, Atima Chakraborty, Magdalena Marquez, Ashley Azavedo, Martina Serrao, Wilfredo Compuesto, Frank Maher, Melissa Galea, Jean Cameron, Adrian Wilson, Ellen Everett, Lisa Arenas, Baby Cora, Rosemary Fairnie, Bill Thomas, Rosa Carullo and all who are ill in our Parish.



Money Counters – 14 July 19

Lerna Vasquez / Teresita Grisancich /Luzviminda Dela Cruz

Readers – 13/14 July 19

  6:00pm Jeslin Shaji
  8:30am Bev Jones
10:30am Meresina Peters
  5:00pm Connie Skinner

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion - 13/14 July 19

  6:00pm D. Fernandez / N. Golaw / S. Martis / Sharon A.
  8:30am L. Jones / C. Coelho / G. Sharman / Romayne A.
10:30am F. Caruana / S. Colla / C. Peters / C. Morcom
  5:00pm R. Perera / M&A Etiennette / J. Phan Lai

Music Ministry – 13/14 July 19

  6:00pm Footsteps
  8:30am Shirley & Group
10:30am Youth Band
  5:00pm Shepherds of Christ