23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time 2017



As you are aware, our beloved Fr. Pius will be leaving us to go to Corio on 11th October. We will take up a collection for Fr. Pius on the weekend of 23/24 September. If you are going to be away on that weekend and would still like to contribute, please place your contribution in an envelope marked “Fr. Pius” on any of the weekends prior to 7/8 October and drop it into the collection bag. There will be a farewell Mass for Fr. Pius on 8 Oct at 10:30am. We ask parishioners to kindly bring a plate of food to share after Mass when we will present Fr. Pius with our gift of gratitude.

Please note that Fr. Pius will be away from 18 to 29 September. There will be Communion Service on weekday mornings. Fr Manoj will celebrate the 7:00pm Mass on Wednesdays and Fr Peter Carrucan will celebrate the weekend Masses.

We warmly welcome into our St Peter’s community Fr. Vincent John who will be our parish priest from the 11th October 2017 onwards. Fr. Vincent is currently parish priest at St. Agnes Parish in Highett.

ROSTERS FOR PIETY STORE ROSTERS, COMMUNION TO THE SICK, LECTORS & EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS for September, October and November are now available for collection in the Hall.


Sundays 6:15 – 8:15pm HSI School of Discipleship in Community Centre.
11 Sep 7:00pm Baptism Formation Meeting in church.
16 Sep Thank you – Altar Servers and Youth leaders
14-17 Sep Jubilee Cross will visit our parish.


Fr Pius and Deacon Charles wish to thank all Altar Servers for your wonderful work in our parish.  You are all invited to Mass at 6pm on Saturday the 16th September and for a meal thereafter in the Hall.

RSVP call or email parish office: 7th September for catering purposes.

The next Baptism Formation meeting will be held on Monday, 11 September at 7:00pm in the church.

The final planning meeting for the Multicultural Mass will be held on Saturday, 23 September 2017 at 10:15am in the meeting room off the church hall.  All are welcome to attend.

The Good Samaritan Ministry assists parishioners in need during difficult times e.g. bereavement, unemployment and loneliness. Good Samaritan ministry offers a confidential service by volunteers drawn mainly from the parish community. The ministry provides an opportunity to serve others and put faith into action, and the chance to grow and learn in relating to others. If you would like a visit from any of our team or would like to join the ministry, please call Anita on 0411 772 320.

The Jubilee Cross will be in the Wyndham region at St. Peters, St. James and St. Andrews from 14 night to 24 September, and in our parish from 14 to 17 September.

Instructions for Procession, Saturday 16 September
No more than 30 people at one time as per council regulation so we are trying to work out crowd management. 10 KNK members will accompany the cross – 2 leading, 2 at the back guiding, 2 to answer queries, 4 in proximity of cross to offer prayers. We will walk at a pace where we cover 1 km in 40 minutes.

Route for Saturday
St Peter’s/Guinane Ave/Crowe St/Heaths Rd/Morris Rd/Hoppers Lane/Mercy Hospital
Return via
Hoppers Lane/Morris Rd/Hogans Rd/Derrimut Rd/Heaths Rd/Crowe St/Guinane Ave/St. Peter’s

Start soon after Mass from church. Mater Dolorosa will take the cross for the first km.  First stop Mossfiel skate park, Heaths Rd for about 1/2 hour to sing and pray with people if any should approach.  Continue to Railway Station stopping for 1/2 hour. Cross the road to Mercy.  On return from Mercy, Filoz will join at Morris Rd and will walk up to Hogans Rd. Stop for lunch at park (please bring your own lunch). Carry on, stopping near Plaza and return in time for the 6pm Mass.

So it depends on how long parishioners want to participate in the walk and how many are willing to carry the cross.  Two persons are required to carry the cross - men, women or children. If children are too small, they will hold the cross at the back while adults take the weight. If unable to join on Saturday, there will be a short procession on Sunday after 8.30 Mass returning in time for a special Mass on Sunday 17 Sept at 10:30am followed by lunch. All are invited.

Route for Sunday
St Peter’s/Guinane Ave/Smeaton Ave/Baggot Dr/Guinane Ave/St. Peter’s.

Please contact parish office on 9749 4300 or email hopperscrossing@cam.org.au if you wish to carry the cross.

Program details for St. James and St. Andrews are on the noticeboard and in the pamphlets.

Come and see the new Catholic Musical MAGDALENE – A WANTON SAINT Oct 4 to-7 at 7:00pm daily and Matinee Saturday 1:00pm at Renaissance Theatre, 826 High St, Kew in the Kew High School.

Ph. 8692 0360 or www.trybooking.com/QZMG. An Inspiring Musical about the Grace of God and the transformation of Mary Magdalene from a fallen woman to one of the Church’s greatest saints.

Tuesday 12 September, 8.45am–1pm
Sts. Peter and Paul's Church, Parish Hall, 377 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne
Passing on the faith to your children is not only a great joy and responsibility but also a great challenge in our secular culture. This seminar will present three talks for Catholic parents to inspire and encourage. Subjects are ‘Parenting for purity’, ‘How to keep your kids Catholic’ and ‘Vibrant faith in a secular age’. Speakers are visiting theology professor from Denver, Colorado, Dr Edward Sri, theologian and author Dr Conor Sweeney from the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family, and vibrant young theology graduate Simon Carrington. There will be a creche available and lunch will be available for purchase. Registration:www.tinyurl.com/melbcps.
Details: johnsmyth@parousiamedia.com Cost: Donation

We pray for Shane Lockwood, Ben Halge and all who passed away recently.

We pray for Norma Lord, Raymond Linning, Vera Fernandes, Afra & Isdonio Fernandes, Judith & Sebastian D'Cruz, Mary Davidson, Renato Bernardo, Sebastiano Siccita, Vincenza Siccita, Kathleen Alexander, Paul Hallinan, Ted Hallinan, Violeta Teng, Yolanda D'Roseand, Annie de Hoedt, Carmen & Claude La Brooy, Tyrone van Dort, Dora Muller, Rev. Sr. Mary Maurice, Rev. Fr. Austin Beocchi, Sheran Martin, Lorenz La Brooy, Ronald Ephraums, Sebastina Subramaniam, Brenda Arnolda, Beatrice Blackett, Rev. Fr. Nereus, Trevor Candappa, Doyne Kern, Ari Casanova, Camilo & Encarnacion Estepa, Erlinda Estipular, Alanita Carpio and all whose anniversaries occur at this time.

We pray for Shirley & Leo Linehan, Angela O’Brien, Lydia (Aleida) Van Susteren, Peter McGlade, Gary Spotswood, Stan Walkden, Diane Cameron, Kristian Romois, Robert Hart, Karen Norris, Liam Parr, Edith Street, Georgette Maalouf, Carmen Mifsud, Bob Meehan, Dominic D’Lima, Cynthia Middleton, Milton Roberts, Elizabeth Slee, Barbara Grogan, Laurie & Leslea Baker, Jean Skinner, Charlie Xerxin, Melissa Caroline, Ralf Milone, Joyce D’Rozario, Megan Rowe, Sean Donaldson, Jeff Grech, Crispin Garcia, Lyn Worsley, Lorraine Gill, Linda Collins, Sr. Eileen Brown, Eugenie Rinaldi, Keith Gill, Imelda Rundell, Brian Jones, Carmel Negline, Yolanda Satur and all who are ill in our Parish.


Money Counters 17 Sep 17

L. Vasquez / T. Grisancich / S. D’Silva / L. De La Cruz

Readers – 16/17 Sep 17

6:00pm Jennifer Reuter
8:30am Grace Sharman
10:30am Maria Naufahu
  5:00pm Jeslin Shaji

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion 16/17 Sep 17

6:00pm J. Tramontana / Sharon A. / S. Martis / E. Dalton
  8:30am B. Jones / K. Fernandes / D&J Roga
10:30am L. Ortega / S. Delos Reyos / A&A Cortez
5:00pm J&D Etiennette / S. Joseph / VOLUNTEER

Music Ministry 16/17 Sep 17

6:00pm Mater Dolorosa
8:30am Shirley & Group
10:30am FilOz
5:00pm AHFI