3rd Sunday of Lent 2018


ROSTERS FOR COMMUNION TO THE SICK, LECTORS & COMMUNION MIISTERS available in the church foyer for pick up.

Parishioners please note that from this weekend the:

Entrance Antiphon at Weekday Masses will be recited after the entrance hymn when the priest is standing behind the Altar OR as he is walking down the aisle if there is no hymn. At Weekend Masses there will be no Entrance Antiphon if there is a hymn.

COMMUNION ANTIPHON will now be recited at all masses with or without choirs once the priest drinks from the Chalice and the bells are sounded.

The theme for this year’s Women’s Day is “Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives”. It draws attention to the rights and activism of rural women, who make up over a quarter of the world population and majority of the 43% of women in the global agricultural labour force.

STATIONS OF THE CROSS every Friday at 7:00pm followed by Mass. Next Friday (March 9), Stations of the Cross will be conducted by our Young Adults Group. We welcome all the youth and young adults of our parish to join them in the Stations of the Cross next Friday.

As you may be aware, Royden Dsouza an active member of our parish community, is being ordained to the permanent diaconate this year. As part of his formation we have been requested by the Office of the Permanent Diaconate to provide his reflections on the readings at mass. As such he will be providing reflections at our weekday masses starting 6 March 2018. Please do support him with your prayers as he approaches this important milestone. Thank you.
Fr Vincent John CMI


  • STATIONS OF THE CROSS every Friday in Lent at 7:00pm followed by Mass.
  • PROJECT COMPASSION boxes can be collected from the back of the church.
  • THE DIVINE MERCY NOVENA will start after the Good Friday service.

Our next movie night is scheduled for March 12, 2018 where we will be screening God's Not Dead Part 2 (PG), a movie about a teacher’s strong faith in the face of atheism which is becoming more and more relevant in our current times. Sausage sizzle and drinks start at 6:30pm and movie begins at 7:00pm. The event is brought to you by the Young Adult Group to raise funds for their activities so please do come and encourage us as we grow in our faith. - Young Adults Group

One-day event for young people aged from Year 9 to 30 years hosted by youth group, schools and community. Come along to discover and deepen your faith and knowledge of Christ. The day will include talks, live music, prayer experiences, food and a range of entertainment. Entry is free, however registration is compulsory. St Peters Young Adults Contact Angelique - 0420 338 231. Registrations at http://risemelbourne.com/register/. Date:17th March 2018 from 10am – 10pm.
Location; Mount St Josephs, 133 Maidstone Street, Altona; (opposite Westona train station).
Contact; hello@risemelbourne.com
Website; http://risemelbourne.com/

As advised last week, church refurbishment has commenced and is scheduled to finish 3rd week of May 2018.

During construction, all weekday masses will be held at the Community Centre and weekend masses in the Church. Saturday mass in church followed by confessions as usual after mass. As works relate to both the front entrances of the church, these will be closed and unavailable for use during the construction period.

Entrance to the church will be through the rear of the church (basketball court). Adequate parking for the elderly and disabled is available in the basketball court. There is another entrance to the church through the parish office entrance. This will be open during mass times.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Parish Building Project Team

With the closure of the Piety Store until May due to church renovations, parents please note:

  • Baptism Formation Meetings for 5 March, 9 April (2nd Monday as the 1st Monday is Easter Monday) and 7 May will continue to be held at 7:00pm in the Church. Entrance to the Church will be through the side entrance near the school office.
  • Candles/Bibs/Stoles for the baptism ceremony can be purchased after the 8:30am Mass on Sundays. Please contact Bev Jones on 9749 2388 to let her know what you require prior to Sunday. They will also be available after the Baptism Formation Meetings detailed above. This will continue until church renovations are completed in May.

St. Peter Apostle School will hold an Information Session for parents interested in enrolling their children at St. Peter’s for the year 2019. The information session will be held at the school at 7.00pm on Tuesday, 20th March 2018. It would be appreciated if children do not attend this meeting due to limited space. During the meeting, parents will have the opportunity to make an appointment for their Enrolment Interview, in Term 2.

We pray for Cherie Barnett, Daniel Lobo and all who passed away recently.

We pray for Austin Gracias, Oscar Rego, Veronica Evans, Fr. Joe Briffa, Paul Ian Mazzonetto, Rosario Natanauan, Paily and Theresa Mani, George Bellard, Rosario Adolfo Rosas, Joseph Vella, Llyod Quinless, Margaret Eastmure, Audrey Michael, and all whose anniversaries occur at this time.

We pray for Shirley & Leo Linehan, Angela O’Brien, Lydia (Aleida) Van Susteren, Peter McGlade, Gary Spotswood, Stan Walkden, Sean Donaldson, Liam Parr, Carmel Negline, Thelma French, Edith Street, Brian & Irene Jones, Dot Mulquinney, Georgette Maalouf, Jamilton Dabu, Carmen Mifsud, Bob Meehan, Elizabeth Slee, Charlie Xerxen, Kate Harris, Stephen Doyle, Julie Coghlan, Megan Rowe, Peter Wallace, Yvonne Clayton, Lloyd Clayburn, Leeandra D'Souza, Shanthi Dass and all who are ill in our Parish.


Money Counters 11 Mar 18

Bill Coghlan / Paul Mulquiney / Peter Francis

Readers – 10/11 Mar 18

  6:00pm Sharon D’Silva
  8:30am Kitty Stuttard
 10:30am Sibrina Harry
  5:00pm Connie Skinner

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion - 10/11 Mar 18

  6:00pm M. Maple / H. Durski / Davy F. / Sharon A.
  8:30am K. English / D&J Roga / S. Gomez
10:30am S. Colla / F. Caruana / C. Morcom / N. Costa
  5:00pm E Behrouzi  /A Etiennette / G Siccita /J P. Lai

Music Ministry – 10/11 Mar 18

  6:00pm Footsteps
  8:30am Shirley & Group
10:30am Youth Band
  5:00pm Shepherds of Christ