6th Sunday of Easter 2018


Parishioners, please note that as required by our Archdiocese each year, there will be a mass count at all masses for the first four weekends in May. Could we please request volunteers to assist with these counts. The count is also required to be taken at the Filipino, Polish and Spanish masses for the first four weekends in May.


Parishioners, please note the following dates that children from St. Peter’s will receive their First Holy Communion. Please be aware that parking will be an issue at these masses.

Saturday, 12 May – 6:00pm

Sunday, 13 May – 10:30am

Saturday, 26 May – 6:00pm

Sunday, 27 May – 10:30am


 Money Counters 13 May 18

Les Jones / Tini & Barrie Hope / Grace Sharman

Readers – 12/13 May 18

  6:00pm Elaine Dalton
  8:30am Giovanna Siccita
10:30am Sunil Vaz
  5:00pm Jeslin Shaji

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion
12/13 May 18

  6:00pm B. Farrugia / S. Martis / D&J Roga
  8:30am L&B Jones / C. Coelho / G. Sharman
10:30am Sally DiB / S. Colla / F. Caruana / V. Firman
  5:00pm D&M Etiennette / C. Skinner / Volunteer

Music Ministry – 12/13 May 18

  6:00pm Footsteps
  8:30am Shirley & Group
10:30am Youth Band
  5:00pm Shepherds of Christ




-      6:15 to 8:15pm HSI School of Discipleship in Community Centre

-      Youth Group meet in the Hall after 5pm Mass

-      Young Adults (18 -29 years) meet in Theatrette from 6:00pm

  7 May Baptism Formation Meeting at 7:00pm in Church
13 May

Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord

Mother’s Day

19 May Pentecost Vigil. Starts at 7:00pm and ends after 5:00am Mass
20 May Pentecost Sunday
27 May Feast of the Holy Trinity
  3 June Feast of Corpus Christi


The next Baptism Formation meeting will be held on Monday, 7 May at 7:00pm in Church. Entrance to the church will be through the side door by the School Office. Please enter through the Parish Office/School gate.


“This is my commandment: love one another as I love you. No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” – John 15:12-13

Do you love Jesus? Do you consider Him your friend? Jesus says that if we love Him we would be willing to offer whatever we have to Him, not because we want praise and glory, but simply because we love Him. Does your giving seem mechanical out of obligation or do you share freely out of love?


Movie Night

A big Thank You to all those who attended our movie night on April 20, 2018. We collected $320 which as we have advised will go towards Young Adults activities. Thank you to the parishioner who donated a crate of Pepsi cans. Your generosity is very much appreciated. Our next movie night is scheduled for June 11 which is a public holiday. We hope you all can be there and support us in our ministry. If you would like to join, help or donate please call Angelique on 0420388231. Young Adults Group.



Unfortunately our refurbishment program has been delayed as the Contractor has to safely detach electric cables in the roof of the entrance foyer which was unable to be identified before. This has necessitated the service of Powercor, the earliest of which was available only on May 4, 2018. Work was temporarily stopped but has recommenced. There is expected to be a 4 to 6 week delay but we are working with the Contractor to get the work completed with minimal delay. We will keep parishioners posted on further developments. Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this regard. - Project Team.


the Holy Spirit Interactive (HIS) School of Discipleship continues to run on Sundays at 6.15 pm at the parish Community Centre.  This is a faith outreach program where members convene to study more about our faith along with prayers and fellowship.

RECENTLY DECEASED:  We pray for Nole Lansangan, Cheryl Bergola, Nicole Hendrson, Juan Vincente, Eutimo Castro, P. M. Joseph and all who passed away recently.

DEATH ANNIVERSARIES:  We pray for Frank Desira, Jesus Barrometro, Soledad Alegre, Rodolfo Barrometro, Lewis Vella, Joseph Vella, Glenis Mumford, Jovana Grech, Juan Vincente, Mary Shanks, Carmel & Lugarda Caruana, Sandra Borg, John Meddings,  Rose (Rosaria) Scrofani and all whose anniversaries occur at this time.

PRAYERS FOR THE SICK: We pray for Shirley & Leo Linehan, Angela O’Brien, Lydia (Aleida) Van Susteren, Gary Spotswood, Stan Walkden, Sean Donaldson, Liam Parr, Edith Street, Brian & Irene Jones, Dot Mulquinney, Georgette Maalouf, Jamilton Dabu, Carmen Mifsud, Bob Meehan, Elizabeth Slee, Charlie Xerxen, Kate Harris, Stephen Doyle, Julie Coghlan, Megan Rowe, Yvonne Clayton, Lloyd Clayburn, Jacintha Udawattage, Adrian Tully, Eilson Lewis, Loan Lguyen, Mellissa Caroline, Carmen Aguis, Madison,Rita Dubowik, Beryl Proffit, and all who are ill in our Parish.