Our altar servers awarded the Guild of St. Stephen Medal

Past Friday, 31st May, 2019, eight altar servers from St.Peter's Parish were awarded the Guild of St.Stephen Medal at a special service at St.Patrick's Cathedral, East Melbourne for their service as altar ministers at our church masses.

"The Guild of Saint Stephen is established to foster a deeper awareness and understanding of the liturgy by ministers of the altar and to improve understanding of and participation in the liturgy by parishes and communities."

"Members of the Guild have Saint Stephen as their patron saint. St. Stephen was a deacon in the church. He assisted the apostles by his service to God’s people and was the first Christian to be martyred for the faith."

Many church servers from around the Melbourne Archdiocese attended the service last Friday. From St.Peters parish in attendance were:

Shalini Chinnabathuni
Aiden D'Souza
Megan D'Souza
Joel Joe Joseph
Jayden Mohan
Elie Saliba
Jeslin Shaji
Emelda Sibi

Fr. Vincent John congratulates on behalf of our whole community, our altar servers who attended this special service and also wishes to extend his deepest gratitude and encouragement to all the youth in our parish who enthusiastically give of their free time to serve at the altar, for the glory of God and also for the benefit of our whole parish.

Guild of St. Stephen Medal-31May2019-3 Guild of St. Stephen Medal-31May2019-2 Guild of St. Stephen Medal-31May2019-1

 Guild of St. Stephen Medal-31May2019-4